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7 C's of Leadership

The 7 C's of Leadership

In this workshop, you will learn the 7 critical characteristics of successful leadership:


Learn to know yourself, know your team and know your business


Competence is about having the adequate ability to do what you need to, well, to be successful. Additionally, do something you really like and are good at because that will make it easier and more fun to achieve success.

Continuous Learning

Every individual has the potential to be a leaderTo get where you want to get as a leader you must be committed to learning everyday and it doesn’t end when you achieve success....learning is continuous. Learning is about application, apply what you learn. Set your goal, take responsibility for achieving it and then learn what is necessary to assure it happens.

Constraint Analysis

The facts are, there will always be something that gets in the way of success. Leaders who accept and address this right from the start will achieve success faster than those who don’t. Learn to identify constraints (internal vs. external) and how to take accountability and create an action plan to overcome them.


All the answers/solutions are out there. You must be creative and look for them-sometimes they are where you least expect them to be. Look for solutions from other sources (employees, trusted advisors, peers, mindstorming). Learn more about the mindstorming method to get creative juices flowing.


Learn how to focus single mindedly on one task at a time.


Courage is an important characteristic for a leader because it not only inspires others on your team to be courageous, but it leads to a higher level of respect with your employees/peers.

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