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Why is blogging important?

I recently got more insight into how search engines work and, therefore, a way to improve search engine optimization.  Based on this new knowledge, I realize the importance of having a blog affiliated with my website ... in short, it provides continual updates to my site.  I periodically make changes to my site and soon I'll be making some fairly drastic changes to it to enable me to provide more service & value for those interested (prospects, clients, strategic alliances, champions, super champions, or anyone looking for ways to improve their business but don't know where to start.

How does a blog help?  Essentially, the various search engines use automatic tools called "Spyders" which crawl around the web and visit the various sites.  They record information including when the site is updated.  Although I knew this before, I wasn't aware of what they did with all of it.  To keep the topic short and manageable, I'll be brief:  based on the frequency of updates, the Spyders return to capture data, i.e., the more often you update, the more often they return.

Example:  a spyder checks in at a site which was recently updated, it notes it and then is scheduled to return the next day.  If not updated, will return a few days later, if still not updated, will return a week later, then a couple weeks, then ....

To get the cycle going the other way, a daily posting will cause the spyders to return daily and record information ... this naturally leads to better search engine rankings for your site.

A simple concept, but hopefully helpful for you!

Chris Allen, Owner & Certified Business Coach, The Business Spotlight, Inc.

2015 Quilly Award Winner for Best Selling Book, "Success Today"

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