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Business Coaching Case Studies

An Analytical Perspective:

Here are some case studies on business coaching you might find useful.

We work with Business Leaders on issues such as Time, Team, Money, and Exit Strategy.

We hope the following Case Studies give you deeper perspective into who we work with, what we work on and some of the results you can achieve.


Montecito Property Group- Real Estate Investments

Location: Texas, Florida


The Montecito Property Group is a partnership between seven real estate professionals, including Barry S. Gillingwater and Sean Sorrell. Montecito started as a small condominium value-adding group, selling homes by repositioning them and adding value to the properties.

The company started in Texas with first-year earnings of $6M. In 2004, the company opened offices in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia and Arizona, with another office scheduled to open in California.

The Challenge:

Montecito's rapid expansion, combined with a seven-member partnership, made it difïcult for the organization to hire appropriate employees, communicate effectively, or arrive at any consensus in managing the business. Each partner was working toward their individual goals, and the group rarely met to review the company's status.

The Solution:

Mr. Gillingwater and Mr. Sorrell enrolled in the FocalPoint Program in 2004. After successfully completing the program, the remaining partners enrolled. All agree that Module 2: Increase Your Effectiveness was the most helpful in creating a cohesive group. Every morning each member now writes down his personal and professional goals. They have formed their own Master Mind Group, and meet monthly to review their current situation, individual and group goals.

The Results:

In 2004, the Montecito Property Group earned $30M: a 500% increase over the previous year. By writing down and sharing their goals, working as a team, hiring the right people, and being willing to fix what's not working, the partners are confident that Montecito will reach its goal for 2005: $60M in revenues. Mr. Gillingwater notes that the company now has 35 employees, and all have been hired on the basis of what they can contribute to the company by utilizing the Brian Tracy Profile exercise.
As well, Mr. Gillingwater and his associates have learned to effectively delegate responsibility.

Mr. Sorrell adds that the partners are now working to create a company-wide standard that focuses on maximizing each area of one's life - business, family, personal and spiritual - which allows everyone to reflect on their achievements in each area,
and to further treasure each experience.


A Family Owned, Commercial & Residential Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Contractor.

Location: Boulder, Colorado

We'll refer to the Owner as "Dean"


Dean began his working career right out of high school when he joined his older brother to help found and run this HVAC company in Boulder, Colorado over 25
years ago.

He became a skilled HVAC technician, while his brother developed the business and grew it to 16 full time employees servicing hundreds of clients per year. Several years ago the older brother was diagnosed with cancer, and despite valiant efforts to heal and also continue running the business he was unable to continue.

Dean assumed the helm.


Without any formal business training, and little practical experience, Dean was thrust into managing employees, conducting client care and sales, and overseeing the day to day operations of a busy service and repair company. Dean found himself (to his chagrin):

  1. micromanaging the employees with ever shortening patience
  2. stressed from long hours
  3. feeling he had to do it all and be there constantly to achieve the standards of quality and satisfaction his brother had established
  4. He was painfully aware he lacked confidence that his decisions and actions were the best for himself and the business.


Focal Point Module 1: Gaining Power through Clarity. Within the first few months Dean
made significant strides in all the challenge areas. He discovered he was spending most of his energy and time dispatching technicians, a vital role, but one which could be delegated.

With this decision James set a series of wins in motion. He found time;

  1. to ensure the dispatch role was effectively passed on,
  2. to create a strategic plan,
  3. to grow his communication and management skills,
  4. to institute 1:1 and group meetings with employees,
  5. to make and renew contacts with clients,
  6. to develop new quality control processes,
  7. to formulate a customer satisfaction survey and much more.

Perhaps the best win is the growing sense of confidence in his own knowledge and processes, trusting his capacity to seek and find the best for himself
and the business.

The Results:

At the outset of his partnership with Focal Point Coaching his main desire was "to get a handle on the business and a grip on my sanity", now Dean, having established a strong foundation of clarity and effectiveness, is enjoying a 4 day work week, is scheduled and reserved for a 2 week vacation and has his sights firmly on growing the companies profits by $540,000, a 30% gain by the end of this calendar year.

Business Coach: John Affleck, Boulder, Colorado


Tracy Spaeth, Financial Services Consultant


For 15 years, Ms Spaeth has owned a Financial services business that specialised in helping those over age 50, who had at least $100,000 to invest increase their income and decrease their taxes. Before coaching,her business saw revenues of $565,000.

The Challenge:

Prior to starting the FocalPoint program Ms. Spaeth had trouble setting priorities. She
procrastinated, putting off important tasks because they seemed too daunting. She also struggled with hiring the right people to work in her organization. She lacked the confidence needed to be an effective leader and to make her employees feel as if they were part of a team.

The Solution:

After completing FocalPoint Module 1: Gain Power Through Clarity, Ms. Spaeth reset her priorities: God first, family second, and career third.

Yet when it comes to career, she now grabs the bull by the horns. She relishes the challenge of taking on important tasks and tackling situations that will make the biggest difference in her business; concentrating her sales efforts only on the products that will reward her the most for meeting her clients' needs.

Upon completing Module 4: Become a Leader, Ms. Spaeth developed her leadership and hiring skills. She confidently hires the staff she needs and infuses them with her enthusiasm, bringing them with her on her journey to greater success.

The Results:

Ms. Spaeth's firm now employs four people to support a client roster that has grown to 225 households. After coaching, her projected revenues are over $825K, a 46% increase. In addition, she found time to take more than four weeks of vacation .

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