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The 2nd Most Powerful Time Mangement Tool: Delegating

Delegating frees up your time to devote to the activities which have the greatest positive impact on your business.

At the completion of this workshop, you will have a clear understanding of:

  • Which activities to delegate
  • How to delegate - Learn the 11 keys to delegation:
  1. Focus on high value activities
  2. Do what you do best....delegate the rest
  3. Delegate based on demonstrated competence
  4. Define the task clearly
  5. Set a deadline
  6. Establish milestones
  7. Agree on resources
  8. Agree on consequences
  9. Put in writing
  10. Inspect what you expect
  11. The 11th Principle: Task relevant maturity
  • How to leverage your resources
  • Focusing your time and effort on the most valuable activities

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