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Dan Gillman

It is a fact that every business has two common sides: the "O" and "E" side of business. The "O" being the Organizational (or People) side of the business and the "E"being the Economic (or Financial) side.

We all know it is important to maintain a strong balance on both the "E"and "O" side to be successful. However, what often occurs (especially in small to medium businesses) is the mad rush to meet the numbers while unintentionally ignoring the business' greatest asset, the people. The short-term spike you get in meeting the numbers is usually followed by a mad rush to pay closer attention to the people. Sound familiar? This is a "Teeter-Totter Effect" that results in turnover, morale issues, etc.

Paul Cashen strengths lie in the area of bring the balance back to business. The tools he uses are effective for coaching businesses of all sizes (start-ups to large organizations). If your business is experiencing the "Teeter-Totter effect", I would strongly recommend a consultation with Paul Cashen, Focal Point Coaching.

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Dan Gillman
Chief Learning Officer, Citigroup- North American IT
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