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What do others have to say?

You might be wondering what kinds of results other Business Leaders have had by using a FocalPoint Business Coach.

Here are some Testimonials you might find interesting:

E. Jaiks

I have been working with Coach Dan for roughly three months now and although I am not yet a millionaire, there isn't a doubt in my mind that I will make it. Is my business running more smoothly and efficiently? Most definitely! Is it perfect, no? Will it be, yes?  This is the point. My attitude, knowledge base, state of mind, confidence, ability to think clearly, act efficiently, and work smart have all transformed.  There is nothing more I need to become successful. 

This is regarding FocalPoint Business Coach Dan Creed.

E. Jaiks
President & CEO, Polestar Distribution, Mesa AZ (Manufacturing)

Dave Stouffer

Paul (Cashen) is an analytical and hands-on executive capable of efficiently coaching varied/large organizations. He has great experience in successfully leading a wide variety of business functions including field management, human resources, sales, marketing, and real estate. He is a leader who knows how to motivate people and get the most out of the organizations that report to him.

This is regarding FocalPoint Business Coach Paul Cashen. 

Dave Stouffer
Chief Financial Officer, Paycor, Inc.

Nathaniel Bruno

My business revenue has increased well over 50% since I began meeting with him. Through John and FocalPoint, I have clear and well defined goals set for my business and an excellent understanding of how to hit those goals.

Each and every session is unique and can stand alone but they are all interconnected and will eventually lead to real success. Each session is filled with eye-opening ideas and knowledge that can be applied immediately to your business - I always look forward to my sessions with John! He brings a great passion to his coaching and it is reflected in each session.

This is regarding FocalPoint Business Coach John Affleck.

Nathaniel Bruno
Owner of College, Hunks Hauling Junk (Denver, Colorado)


Re: Susan Spitz

The Brian Tracy materials are very practical and the application questions really focused me in on what I needed to do to get more organized and systemized, and how to tap into my long-range goals for motivation and to keep me on the right track. By the third week, the coaching sessions had become the highlight and most important hour of my week.

This is regarding FocalPoint Business Coach Susan Spitz.

Malone Construction, St.Louis, Missouri

Dr. David V. Marcon

Dear Chris,

When I read your newletter for the first time, I had been thinking of hiring a business coach on and off for approximately a year.  I had utilized chiropractic consultants in thepast and had seen statistical improvement, but what I really wanted was someone to identify and help me unlock the mental blocks that I sensed were inhibiting the success I deserved both professionally and personally.  Through your coaching the last 2 months, I have regained the self confidence that allowed me to realize great success earlier in my career.  The many victories, though not momentous by themselves, have systematically laid a strong foundation for growth in all aspects of my life.  Because of the personal approach that you utilize, I have been able to determine the habits that have inhibited my growth and learned effective tools to neutralize them.  I have literally gone from survival mode to growth mode in 60 days.  I wholeheartedly endorse you and your coaching to any professional who wants to become more productive in their Business and Personal lives.


Dr. David Marcon

Dr. David V. Marcon, DC, CCSP, NSCA-CPT
Owner, Clough Chiropractic

Sue Ann Penna


I just have to thank you for such a fabulous session yesterday! This coaching is worth its weight in gold. I now have an even larger, grander vision (which I am in the process of rewriting) and will send along.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

This is regarding FocalPoint Business Coach Margaret Maclay.

Sue Ann Penna
NJ Nets Massage Therapist

Dan Gillman

It is a fact that every business has two common sides: the "O" and "E" side of business. The "O" being the Organizational (or People) side of the business and the "E"being the Economic (or Financial) side.

We all know it is important to maintain a strong balance on both the "E"and "O" side to be successful. However, what often occurs (especially in small to medium businesses) is the mad rush to meet the numbers while unintentionally ignoring the business' greatest asset, the people. The short-term spike you get in meeting the numbers is usually followed by a mad rush to pay closer attention to the people. Sound familiar? This is a "Teeter-Totter Effect" that results in turnover, morale issues, etc.

Paul Cashen strengths lie in the area of bring the balance back to business. The tools he uses are effective for coaching businesses of all sizes (start-ups to large organizations). If your business is experiencing the "Teeter-Totter effect", I would strongly recommend a consultation with Paul Cashen, Focal Point Coaching.

This is regarding FocalPoint Business Coach Paul Cashen.


Dan Gillman
Chief Learning Officer, Citigroup- North American IT

Doug Smith, CEO

"Since I started working with Jim, I've had a real explosion of success in the key areas we've been working on - specifically business development. He's a great sounding board with an inexhaustible supply of solid business advice. Even if you are already successful, Jim can show you how to build on that success by focusing your energies on the things that really matter. Bottom line - He will improve your business."

This is regarding FocalPoint Business Coach Jim Masters

Jim is also a FocalPoint Coaches Coach and Trainer.

Doug Smith, CEO
Ervin & Smith Advertising -Public Relations

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