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Why is a Proactive Coaching model important?

As Business coaches we rely heavily on systems. We use them, we teach them, and we leverage them. It would make sense that we run our business based on them as well.

We use a proactive coaching model simply because it works. You probably feel best when you have a day when you’re in a proactive role, vs. a re-active one.

The proactive coaching model allows our clients to set their goals easily. We then provide milestones, and introduce new concepts and systems that you then leverage into your business.

Working with a FocalPoint Business Coach means that you’ll never have to wonder if you’re “re-inventing the wheel”.

What we do as coaches has been proven to work for over 30 years with thousands of business all over the world.

Proactive vs. Re-Active Coaching – An analysis

Proactive Business
Re-Active Business Coaching
  • A proven "path" that is robust and customizable
  • A reactive process that fights fires
  • Allows flexiblility within a structure
  • Flexible but not focused
  • Both client and Coach have a benchmarks and guidelines expectations
  • Changing the priorities leads to missed goals and frustration
  • Sense of accomplishment in accomplishing relevant tasks
  • Reactive approach stresses only short-term gains. Limited long term benefits.
  • Clear expectations
  • Expectations are highly variable
  • Long Term benefits, along with short and medium term wins (Return on Investment)
  • High levels of client frustration. Second-guessing is common.
  • “The path” is clear and agreed to
  • Reactive coaching is less focused and tends to be tactical versus strategic.
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